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The file not found error is probably because it cannot find ore.exe, on windows this can often be a win32 vs 64 bit problem. If you look in ore_examples_helper.py you can see it looks for ore.exe on windows by

if os.name == ‘nt’:
if platform.machine()[-2:] == “64”:
self.ore_exe = “..\\..\\App\\bin\\x64\\Release\\ore.exe”
self.ore_exe = “..\\..\\App\\bin\\Win32\\Release\\ore.exe”

First I’d check to see that these are in the correct directory, it should be looking for the 64 bit version by default, but this might be different on different versions of windows or python (i.e. by checking platform.machine()[-2:]). If you have one version built, but its picking up the wrong one, the simplest thing might be to edit ore_examples_helper.py.

If you have ore built (32 or 64 bit) you can just run it manually from Examples_1 by doing
..\..\App\bin\x64\Release\ore Input\ore.xml

This will produce the csv output files.