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Hi Niall,

Thanks for your answer.
While I might be interested in using other ORE functionalities (specifically OREData) in the future, for now I’m only looking at QuantExt (and only a few classes there honestly).
I’d be keen to contribute, however I would prefer to build on QuantLib-SWIG instead of duplicating the various artefacts of that project. In order to do that, I would first transfer some of the functionality I need to QuantLib (if all parties agree to it of course) and then add SWIG interface files in QuantLib-SWIG.
I understand that you might be reluctant to encourage the transfer of your fine work into another repository, and also that you might want to look into an initial framework which would include all of ORE. I’d like to avoid as much friction as possible between myself, the ORE team, and the QuantLib team, so I’m keen to hear your thoughts.


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