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Hi Guys,
I went into the same issue, before I’ve noticed this thread.
Centos 7, boost 1.66, QL 1.12 & ORE 1.8.3
I’ve menaged to finally compile it and run without SEGFAULT, by adding -std=c++11 to all compilations: boost, QL, QE etc (ORED & OREA has it by default, actually).
I think the issue is in the share_ptr template. The template is defined in boost, but also redefined in the c++11 standard. Those implementations are incompatabile which results with SEGFAULT.
Basicaly, to recompile the above combination, you need to add CXXFLAGS=”-std=c++11″ in the ./b2 for boost, and to all ./configure of each library after.

Best Regards