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Peter Caspers

There is the curves analytics which will output discount factors for interest rate curves on a predefined grid. This output is however independent of the bootstrap instruments.

As for the second question the answer is yes, look e.g. into Examples/Input/curveconfig.xml

      <CurveDescription>EUR collateralized in USD discount curve</CurveDescription>
          <Type>FX Forward</Type>

where fx forward points are used to strip the short end of a curve. The corresponding market data looks like this

20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/1D 0.75795447
20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/1M 9.46351358
20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/1W 1.82722318
20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/1Y 149.76458056
20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/2D 0.25668124
20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/2M 19.62402097
20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/2W 3.68789339
20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/2Y 338.73048699

The points are given with a multiplier of 10000 as can be seen in the conventions file


Hope that helps.

Best Regards