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    How can the constructed curve parameters like the zero rate / Discount factor/ Market quote / Start /End date etc be generated as output.
    Also can FX Swap points be directly added as market data for Curve constrction.

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    Peter Caspers

    There is the curves analytics which will output discount factors for interest rate curves on a predefined grid. This output is however independent of the bootstrap instruments.

    As for the second question the answer is yes, look e.g. into Examples/Input/curveconfig.xml

          <CurveDescription>EUR collateralized in USD discount curve</CurveDescription>
              <Type>FX Forward</Type>

    where fx forward points are used to strip the short end of a curve. The corresponding market data looks like this

    20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/1D 0.75795447
    20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/1M 9.46351358
    20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/1W 1.82722318
    20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/1Y 149.76458056
    20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/2D 0.25668124
    20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/2M 19.62402097
    20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/2W 3.68789339
    20160205 FXFWD/RATE/EUR/USD/2Y 338.73048699

    The points are given with a multiplier of 10000 as can be seen in the conventions file


    Hope that helps.

    Best Regards


    Dear Peter!

    Many thanks for the hint on the fx-forwards, I had exactly the same question!



    Dear All!

    Just one hint concerning ordering of quotes in segments:
    Always place the quotes in order of maturity, otherwise following (rather obscure) error will occur:
    ALERT [2018-Nov-27 10:13:49.429047] (orea\app\oreapp.cpp:213) : Error: yield curve building failed for curve CHF-IN-EUR on date 2018-11-26: invalid date (December 5th, 2018, vs December 28th, 2018)

    It might be a good idea to mention the ordering requiremetn in the Curves: curveconfig.xml section of the userguide.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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