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Can ORE be setup, adapted for specific needs and integrated to the IT landscape by an experienced quant/IT professional, or would I need to hire Quaternion to do that?

We are convinced that ORE can be adapted and integrated by experienced professionals. Of course, Quaternion can assist and are able to accelerate implementation and adaptation timelines.

Why should I use ORE instead of (or what is the difference to) other open source Risk Engines (e.g. : http://www.openriskcalculator.com/).

ORE is unique in that that it is based on the wealth of methods provided by QuantLib, a peer reviewed pricing library that has evolved over 15 years. We try

In a nutshell, what are OREs main functionalities?

ORE is an application that provides a Monte Carlo simulation framework for contemporary risk analytics and value adjustments, simple interfaces (for trade data, market data and system configuration), simple launchers

Why is Quaternion sponsoring and showcasing ORE?

It is a culmination of years of experience (approximately ~10 person years joint coding effort – real blood, sweat and tears!) and the desire to ‘leave something behind’ that is

Quantlib went through major restructuring in the early days. How do I know the same isn’t going to happen with the ORE, which means I’ll have to do all the integration work again in the future?

Good point. ORE has not bee designed from scratch at the drawing board. OREs architecture grew out of years of industry experience the Quaternion team has as users, developers and

How can I be sure that it’s safe from a security perspective?

It is open source, so your IT can scan it for any malware, and your model validation can check down to the last line of code. Whether it is secure

Will there be speakers available to discuss ORE in public forums?

Certainly, we would encourage people to talk about ORE publicly and help promoting the idea. Members of the project sponsor are doing this already and will continue to do so.

Will there be a curated forum for ORE users on social media?

We have created a forum page on opensourcerisk.org to enable exchange between users and developers from day one. You can also subscribe there to get notified when there are updates

Are there reference clients using ORE for production purposes, or for model validation?

Yes, the ORE framework is used in production. We have started a case studies page on opensourcerisk.org to list cases we are aware of and that we are allowed to

Will there be a published list of academic institutions who are active users of ORE?

That’s a good idea. We will add to opensourcerisk.org as we become aware of institutions using it (and when the institutions agree to publishing this).

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