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Will ORE be available on the Cloud?

We can imagine that users will also built ORE into cloud based commercial applications. The license explicitly permits that.

Will it accept standard FpML for my trades?

Not out of the box. However, ORE comes with its own XML trade data loader that directly maps to ORE’s internal representation of supported  product types (see user guide). To

Is there an API?

ORE is open source and fully transparent, all C++ objects (e.g. representing trade,  market and configuration data) can be created and manipulated ‘directly’ within a C++ program without making use

Is there a Python interface?

No, currently there is the C++ API and the application. However, like QuantLib one could export the ORE libraries using SWIG into Python.

Does ORE link into any standard data providers?

Not out of the box. However, ORE comes with a market data loader that expects a certain market data file format as described in the user guide. To link into

Can I use ORE as a plug-in to Excel or another application?

The ORE release comes with a command line application and a few ‘launchers’ that kick off ORE processes and display results. These include Excel and LibreOffice spread sheets, as well