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HistoricalScenarioGeneratorWithFilteredDates Class Reference

#include <orea/scenario/historicalscenariogenerator.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 HistoricalScenarioGeneratorWithFilteredDates (const std::vector< ore::data::TimePeriod > &filter, const QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< HistoricalScenarioGenerator > &gen)
void reset () override
 Reset the generator so calls to next() return the first scenario. More...
QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< Scenarionext (const QuantLib::Date &d) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from HistoricalScenarioGenerator
 HistoricalScenarioGenerator (const QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< HistoricalScenarioLoader > &historicalScenarioLoader, const QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< ScenarioFactory > &scenarioFactory, const QuantLib::Calendar &cal, const QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< ore::data::AdjustmentFactors > &adjFactors=nullptr, const Size mporDays=10, const bool overlapping=true, const ReturnConfiguration &returnConfiguration=ReturnConfiguration(), const std::string &labelPrefix="")
 Default constructor. More...
 HistoricalScenarioGenerator (const boost::shared_ptr< HistoricalScenarioLoader > &historicalScenarioLoader, const boost::shared_ptr< ScenarioFactory > &scenarioFactory, const boost::shared_ptr< ore::data::AdjustmentFactors > &adjFactors=nullptr, const ReturnConfiguration &returnConfiguration=ReturnConfiguration(), const std::string &labelPrefix="")
 Constructor with no mporDays/Calendar, construct historical shift scenario between each scneario. More...
QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< Scenario > & baseScenario ()
 Set base scenario, this also defines the asof date.
const QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< Scenario > & baseScenario () const
 Get base scenario.
const QuantLib::Calendar & cal () const
 Get calendar.
QuantLib::Size mporDays () const
 Get mpor days.
bool overlapping () const
 Are scenarios overlapping.
const ReturnConfigurationreturnConfiguration () const
 Return configuration.
virtual QuantLib::Real scaling (const RiskFactorKey &key, const QuantLib::Real &keyReturn)
QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< Scenarionext (const QuantLib::Date &d) override
 Return the next scenario for the given date. More...
const std::vector< HistoricalScenarioCalculationDetails > & lastHistoricalScenarioCalculationDetails () const
 Return the calculation details of the last generated scenario *‍/.
virtual QuantLib::Size numScenarios () const
 Number of scenarios this generator can generate.
virtual void setDates ()
 set the start and end dates, can be overwritten in derived class
const std::vector< QuantLib::Date > & startDates () const
 start dates from which the scenarios were generated from
const std::vector< QuantLib::Date > & endDates () const
 end dates from which the scenarios were generated from
const QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< HistoricalScenarioLoader > & scenarioLoader () const
 Get the HistoricalScenarioLoader.
const QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< ScenarioFactory > & scenarioFactory () const
 Get the ScenarioFactory.
const QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< ore::data::AdjustmentFactors > & adjFactors () const
 Get the adj factors.
std::vector< std::pair< QuantLib::Date, QuantLib::Date > > filteredScenarioDates (const ore::data::TimePeriod &period) const
 Get (start, end) scenario date pairs filtered on the given period.
const std::string & labelPrefix () const
 Get the scenario label prefix.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ScenarioGenerator
virtual ~ScenarioGenerator ()
 Default destructor.
virtual QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< Scenarionext (const Date &d)=0
 Return the next scenario for the given date.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from HistoricalScenarioGenerator
std::pair< QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< Scenario >, QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< Scenario > > scenarioPair ()
 The Scenario Pairs for a given index.
QuantLib::Real adjustedPrice (RiskFactorKey key, QuantLib::Date d, QuantLib::Real price)
 Returns the adjusted price. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from HistoricalScenarioGenerator
Size i_
QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< HistoricalScenarioLoaderhistoricalScenarioLoader_
std::vector< QuantLib::Date > startDates_
std::vector< QuantLib::Date > endDates_
QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< ScenarioFactoryscenarioFactory_
QuantLib::ext::shared_ptr< ScenariobaseScenario_
std::vector< HistoricalScenarioCalculationDetailscalculationDetails_
QuantLib::Calendar cal_
QuantLib::Size mporDays_ = 10

Detailed Description

This class will only generate the subset of scenarios with start / end dates contained in one of the given time periods. Warning: the base scenario in the passed historical scenario generator must be set on construction of this class, later changes in the base scenario will not be reflected in an instance of this class.

Member Function Documentation

◆ reset()

void reset ( )

Reset the generator so calls to next() return the first scenario.

This allows re-generation of scenarios if required.

Reimplemented from HistoricalScenarioGenerator.