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This forum is intended for those who wish to share information about, and/or discuss & debate topics related to, Open Risk Engine.

For the purpose of this forum the term “Open Source” is used loosely to describe any software for which the source code is made available and freely distributable.

So long as posters keep on topic and to the few rules outlined here in this charter, all are welcome and encouraged to express their opinions and comments.

The views expressed here are not the views of Open Risk Engine, but rather the personal views of the individual posters.

From time to time, moderators may move, remove or lock threads, if it is felt a post contravenes these rules, but if you have concerns with the policy or actions of the moderators you should follow the Open Risk Engine Dispute Resolution process defined here

Basic Forum Rules

  • Please keep posts to topics related to Open Risk Engine
  • No advertising.
  • No flaming/trolling.
  • No attacks on other posters.
  • No attacks on other people.
  • No reproduction of personal communication (without prior consent).
  • No reproduction of personal contact methods of company employees (unless already publicly available).
  • All participants are required to declare their interests up front, when participating in discussions directly affecting them or their company.
  • All other rules must be adhered to which include not posting messages, or links to resources, that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise unlawful.

Asking Questions

If you have a question or questions, we would very much appreciate it if you searched this forum before you asked, because it’s very likely anything you have to ask has been asked before. To search the forum, use the ‘Search’ box provided on the upper right.

Attacks against the person

Despite this being a free public forum, what is said here reflects directly on Open Risk Engine, and as such, we would ask that posters remain respectful in their opinions when discussing organisations or their employees. Comments which could be construed as false, libellous or offensive will result in posts being deleted or amended and the poster banned.

Changes and Amendments

Following the spirit of “Open Source”, if you see a “bug” in our charter or wish to enhance it generally please submit a “patch” to one of the forum moderators for review.

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